With the scorching hot Juba’s weather, a cold beverage like Coke is a must for many, but if Coca Cola’s Coke is your favorite soft drink, there are chances that you might have drunk the locally made Juba Cola without noticing that is isn’t actually Coke.

Juba Cola, a drink locally produced by Arabs owned Saint Mary’s Beverages Company in Juba has several similarities to that Coca Cola’s Coke.

The two soft drink brands have few thinks in common; a striking lookalike logo, color, writings on the bottle, the bottle’s shape and even font of writing.

This act of counterfeiting has finally caught the attention of the world largest soft drink maker, the Coca Cola.

An anonymous source who works at Saint Mary’s Beverages Company in Juba disclosed to Hot in Juba that the company was served with a warning letter by Coca Cola East Africa threatening to sue them if they don’t stop messing with Coca Cola’s copyrights.

The threats prompted Saint Mary’s Beverages Company to change the logo type of most of its drinks.

Our source also told us that the company is planning to gradually change all the similarities to Coca Cola’s products however, Hot in Juba has found out no changes have been made to their Juba Cola soft drink.

Saint Mary’s Juba Cola produced in the months of August and September still have same old logo and design despite Coca Cola’s warning letter dated early August.

Our efforts to contact both St. Mary’s and Coca Cola bore no fruits since our emails never got a respond.


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