A local company, Mirage Ltd. in Juba have filed a police case against United Beverages a distributor of Coca Cola in South Sudan over unpaid rent of over 8 months worth $85,000.

“After several meeting and legal notices and false promises and lies, We approached Coca Cola premises and were surprised how General Manager, Mr Mark Hogandam was behaving toward us”, said Mayor Mayor, a manager at Mirage Ltd. who tried to contact United Beverages/Coca Cola South Sudan concerning the due payment.

Mayom said he was suprised by the way Mark was behaving in contrast to the image Coca Cola always conveys and adviced Hogandam to stop doing business in unprofessional ways.

Mayom told Mark your business way and your dubious ways of conducting business is not the Coca Cola. Coca Cola Cairo or Coca Cola Atlanta will not be happy to know this is how you do business.

Coca Cola South Sudan promised to pay after representatives of Mirage Co. Ltd. flew to Cairo to consult with  Mac Beverages, the 50% share holder at United Beverages on payment of the rent.

Mayom of Mirage Co. Ltd tried to follow up payment with financial manager Ben Kalkaman who was always avoiding contacts which prompted Mirage Co. Ltd to report the case to the police after he lied about paying to Mirage Co. Ltd account and he was arrested on the 18th December at Juba Airport trying to leave the country. He was remanded at a police station in Juba but later released on cash bail and was to report back at the station.

He allegedly obstructed the law by not coming to the police station and the police arrested him again trying to leave the country. He was released after United Beverages’ Mark Hogandam paid $25,000 to Mirage Ltd account with Charter 1 bank.

Coca Cola South Sudan still haven’t paid $60K balance to MirageLtd.

United beverages the official distributor of Coca Cola in South Sudan is still playing “cat and mouse” game on a 8 month rent over due. Is this the image of Coca Cola in South Sudan.


Coca Cola fraud