Club Vegas a newly opened club on Kololo Road is the talk of Juba and they are doing an impressive job pimping up the place which was previously a restaurant. They hired a vibrant songstress, Princess Golda as their bartender. Princess Golda who did the hit song ‘Muhaba Be Kam’ featuring Jack Pro is pulling clubgoers to the club as one drunk lad confesses; “This girl (Golda) is super cool and fast at serving people…..she got this broad smile which cock pull guys to the bar counter”.

Club Vegas is open all week and its super packed on weekends when Jubans get to wild out. The place is a chill spot for a lot of Juba celebrities, the likes of Silver X, WJ, Cool B, Saab Jay, Ruff Monkey. These artists hang out at Vegas drinking, smoking Shisha and getting their groves on. Vegas is the place to be this weekend yazol!!


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