Tension is mounting between Akol Deng clan in Luanyjang Centre County and Denag Aguer clan in Luanyjang North County in Tonj State as the two communities prepare to clash over ownership of rhino horns, a local official said.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Saturday, the Commissioner of Luanyjang Centre County, Bol Duop, said: “A man from the Denag Aguer clan sold his rhino horns for 600,000 SSP to someone from the Akol Deng section, and later on he changed his mind and returned back the money because he got another higher price, but the man who bought the horns refused to give back the horns.”

“Now there is mounting tension between the clan of the seller of the rhino horns and the clan of the buyer,” he added.

The local official asked the state government to send more troops to arrest the buyer of the rhino horns whom he accused of causing havoc in the area. Reportedly, the buyer is being accompanied by heavily armed civilians in the county.

Via RT