A prominent lawyer, Kiir Chol has taken to court the Juba Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO) over what he described as “unlawful tariffs charges” by the company.
In an affidavit documents obtained by The Citizen, Counsel Kiir argues the company is not only operating in contravention of all relevant laws, but it was established in violation of the companies ACT, 2012.
The applicant filed the case after the company, upon his request, invoiced him a whopping 22,000 United States Dollars for power connection at his apartments. He is seeking immediate investigation and possible prosecution of JEDCO.
JEDCO, a PPP investment between Ezra Development Group, a Ethiopian owned corporation and the Ministry of Energy and Dams has been criticized by Juba residents for unusual tariffs for electricity units.
Case in point was between the recently appointed Chief of Defense forces Gen. Jemma Johnson Okot whose house connection cost approximately over 6,000 USD, prompting the army Chief to storm the head office of the company over fraudulent charges. The company later apologized and reduced the invoice to only 7,00 USD.