Leading radio presenter Stella Loki is one of the people not happy about the names given to her supposed new state after president Salva Kiir divided the country into 28 states late last year.

The City FM’s presenter recently shared her “3 reasons” why she thinks the name of her new native state, Namorunyang should be changed. Below are the three reasons why the radio queen thinks her native state’s name should be named Namorunyang:

3 reasons why I want the name of my state changed.
– I’ve never heard of it.
– It sounds funny
– It doesn’t even sound like a State’s name.
I went through the list of the names of the other States and most of them were derived from their previous names EXCEPT my State. Now, where the hell did that name come from and who named it. SMH

Namorunyang State comprising of Kapoeta South, Kapoeta East, Kapoeta North and Budi Counties was part of former Eastern Equatoria state now divided into Namorunyang and Imatong States.