Thomas Mountain, an American political commentator and journalist based in Eritrea has told radio Sputnik that CIA has been funding rebels for 5 years.

He told radio Sputnik, “the thing that’s been completely ignored by the international media in South Sudan is that this war has been going on for 5 years and there are 20,000 rebel fighters who are being paid a salary of 300 dollars a month. In total this will amount to around 100 million dollars a year, so where has this money that funds the civil war come from?”

“There’s only once source that could come up with that cash so quickly and it’s the CIA. South Sudan has the only Chinese oil reserves in Africa, and it’s seen as desirable by the U.S government to reduce the influence of China in the continent, so this is the U.S’s motivation, as no other country in the world is benefitting from the civil war,” he explained.

Mr. Mountain did not specify which rebel group was receiving the CIA funding. Another political commentator who requested anonymity cast doubt on Mr. Mountain’s claims. He said Thomas C. Mountain is considered a bit of an extreme-left wing conspiracy theorist in some circles.

via National Courier