The founder of the first South Sudanese mobile phone messaging application Chol Mangar is set to sell the app and join AMS Clothing, the national football team Jersey makers.

The young South Sudanese entrepreneur created MateApp that became the first South Sudanese mobile phone application for messaging and voice calls two years ago.

The app which was dubbed “the South Sudanese WhatsApp” will now be discontinued or sold. Mangar in an interview with Hot in Juba said his move was necessitated by him joining the Australian-based AMS Clothing which provides football jerseys and uniforms to South Sudan’s national football team, the Bright Stars and other African football teams.

Chol said he will join Luke Wescott, the founder of AMS Clothing as Director for Local Partnerships. The duo will then work to expand AMS partnership with African football teams across the continent.

AMS Clothing has sponsored Citizen Football Club (Citizen FC), a Juba-based third division club which the company hopes to develop into a professional football team.

AMS provides uniforms and football jerseys to Bright Stars and several other football clubs in the country. The Australian-based company is set to open its first retail store in Juba in coming months as demand for genuine national footbalI team jerseys is high among the local football supporters.