Chinese Company, Shandong High-Speed group of companies which recently signed a deal with the government to construct and upgrade roads in South Sudan is allegedly set to bring at least 10,000 Chinese workers to help with the construction and upgrading of major national and interstate roads in the country, a source in Juba revealed to HIJ.

With construction  expected begin in 2 weeks time, South Sudanese on social media have expressed disappointment that the government is giving away jobs to mainly Chinese workers that could have gone to locals.

Early this year, Juba endorsed President Salva Kiir’s pledge to allocate 10,000 barrels of South Sudan’s crude oil per day to Chinese firms to build roads in the country.

This was reportedly agreed in August last year when Kiir visited China.

The crude oil allocated will enable Chinese companies to begin construction of the national highway from Nadapal through Torit and to Juba, and up to Rumbek and to Wau.