Recently on social media, Silver X and DJ Cent were beefing over who owns South Sudan music throne but now it seems the two musicians have to sit back and watch out.

A number of South Sudanese singers and rapper have just released a song which aimed shots at Silver X and DJ Cent.

A combined force of Check B, Johnson Mike, Navy Boy, and Ade have come together for their latest hit song dubbed “Enemy of Progress,” produced at Rich Kyd Studio in Juba.

The song talks of people in the industry who are backstabber and people slowing down the industry, but in the song. Silver X directly received shots aimed at his career and his distant relationship with his Australian wife.

“You said you are a teacher, kumbe you are a teaser, inta sibu marataki kalam visa,”  Navy Boy raps referring to how Silver C left his baby mama for an Australian woman probably because of visa.

In another verse, Check B throw subliminal shots at DJ cent, days after DJ cent offered Check B a free recording deal.

” I don’t hate you Oga but I go downgrade you Oga, I go make you international, coz I am international,” Check B raps referring to DJ Cent who calls himself an international artist.

The song released a few days ago is expected to ride the airwaves high.

Listen to the song here: