One of Silver’s most promising proteges Check B Magic mysteriously left the label last year over unknown reasons.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fallout between the Holyland Empire’s boss Silver X and Check B since no official announcement was made by both artists at the time.

HIJ recently spoke to Check B who has since founded his own label. The singer revealed to us that Silver wasn’t happy about him being close to Carolina ta Silver X, a girlfriend to ‘Wele’ hitmaker.

“He labelled me a betrayer coz he saw me hanging out with WJ and MC Lumoex at secret Corner,” Check told HIJ’s John Masura who just returned from a three months long vacation in East Africa.

“[He also said] that I spoke to his wife about music matters,” he added.

The upcoming musician said he quit Holyland Empire willingly after Silver falsely scolded him over his relationship with other musicians and labelled him a “betrayer”.

“I quit coz itz too hurting to be called a betrayer, I openly showed him my ambitions and he was afraid of my potential,” he said.

The musician said he has now founded his own independent record label called Good Muzik.

Silver’s Holyland Empire is now left with musicians like Lil Sam, LMG, Dr Candy, Slate Nation, CM Bom and many others.