The Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), a human rights entity in South Sudan, has urged the East African leaders to reverse their decision recognizing the national dialogue as a forum to bring about peace in the country.

Following a meeting convened in Juba on 24 July, the IGAD foreign ministers encouraged the national dialogue committee set up by President Kiir in reaching out to the opposition and called upon the committee members to expeditiously move forward in an inclusive, genuine and transparent manner.

The national dialogue, according to CPJ’s executive coordinator, is rejected by the opposition because the neutrality of the dialogue is questionable.

“IGAD council of ministers is legitimatizing President Kiir’s dialogue as way to ensure peace. The outcomes of the meeting will not resolve the ongoing conflict in South Sudan,” said Anthony Tito.

The CPJ coordinator pointed out that the outcomes of the IGAD foreign ministers’ meeting in Juba will not achieve peace in South Sudan, describing the national dialogue as a “waste of time.”

The rights group called upon the African Union and the international community to initiate a new political process to achieve peace in the world’s youngest nation.

via RT