South Sudan’s Central Bank on Tuesday introduced a new banknote of SSP1000 denomination as the country’s economy sees unprecedented setbacks imposed by COVID-19, demise of oil prices at the international market and a rampant corruption.

According to posters installed at Juba market that reads “know your new banknote”, this morning, the government introduced the SSP1000 note, almost a year after it said it was introducing new banknotes of several denominations.

Citizens have received the latest development in South Sudan’s economy with mixed reactions with some saying the latest government action won’t save the economy.

“South Sudan Central Bank has printed a new note of 1,000 South Sudanese Pounds. Where are we heading to ya brothers and sisters? This country is finished completely,” writes Major-General Dickson Gatluak Joak, a Nairobi-based opposition commander allied to ex-army chief General Paul Malong Awan.

“Your new note that will [falsely] improve the economy of the country. South Sudan wonders!!” writes another social media user.


Via Sudans Post