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SPOTLIGHT: Who is Kvng Mak?

Achan Tonny- 26/03/2021

Kvng Mak is an African Australian hip-hop artist who was set to explode onto the ever-growing Australian Hip Hop Drill Scene. Mak Muon parents moved ... Read More

Who is new Deputy Commissioner General of Revenue Authority, Africano Mande?

Masura- 19/09/2020

By Larco Lomayat Prior to his appointment as the Deputy Commissioner General of Revenue Authority on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, Brig. Gen. Africano Mande Gedim ... Read More

Who is Mary Boyoi?

Masura- 09/08/2020

Mary Boyoi, singer, human rights activist, and philanthropist from South Sudan. Read More

Who is Dynamq?

Masura- 08/08/2020

Dynamq, whose real name is Kennedy O. Lorya, is a South Sudanese Reggae-dance hall artist and DJ. Read More

Who is Yaba Angelosi?

Masura- 06/08/2020

Angelosi's music mixes catchy African traditional sounds with Western dance music using modern instrumentation and arrangements. Read More

Emmanuel Kembe mourns his mother

Achan Tonny- 16/06/2020

Celebrated South Sudanese musician Emmanuel Kembe is bereaved.   In an emotional message sent to her close friends, Kembe's close family member announced the death ... Read More

MB Law set to release an album after long break

Achan Tonny- 11/06/2020

MB Law is set to release a new album dubbed 'Wasulu" in the coming weeks, according to a source close to the musician. This is ... Read More

Nelly Yoa, Australian of South Sudanese origin tangled in web of lies

Achan Tonny- 07/01/2018

An Australian man of South Sudanese origins is causing ripples in Australia after making big unsubstantiated claims. Last week Australian media went into a racist-toned ... Read More

Ugandan President Museveni says all his daughter were married virgins

Masura- 03/11/2017

President Yoweri Museveni and his wife Janet Museveni are blessed with three daughters. All their three daughters got married while they were still virgins. The ... Read More

Why Alfred Taban left the SPLM?

Achan Tonny- 25/07/2017

By Nhial Bol Some disgruntled politicians, friends and some fellow citizens have been bothering me in the last few days asking me about some questions ... Read More

Zimbabwean Pastor “Calls God On Phone, Speaks With Him In Church” (VIDEO)

Achan Tonny- 23/05/2017

This is really funny. A video making the rounds online features a Zimbabwean pastor who claimed to have spoken to God over the phone during ... Read More

SPOTLIGHT: JOSHUA TOM : From Refugee Camp to world tours

Jamal- 06/03/2017

“I remember a number of times I almost dropped out of school because of hunger. I couldn’t concentrate in class, I even fainted once and ... Read More

Government increases work permit fee for expatraites

Achan Tonny- 05/03/2017

South Sudan government has raised the fees of expatriate's work permits in the private sector, a move that is expected to fill the state’s coffers ... Read More

Dynamq signs Slate Nation

Achan Tonny- 07/11/2016

US based Junub singer Dynamq has signed upcoming singer Slate Nation to Ruka Nation/ River Nile Entertainment from Silver X's Holyland Family. Dynamiq posted this ... Read More