John Frog ‘Kur Ajing’ K2 in new hit song

Achan Tonny- 20/01/2021

It seems nothing is stopping John Frog  carrying on with his beef with event organizer K2. After his recent viral posts on social media accusing ... Read More

How this former Miss South Sudan beat drug and alcohol addiction to reclaim her life

Achan Tonny- 20/01/2021

Diyo Ayuen was 11 when she came to Australia with her mother and siblings. Growing up as a refugee in a new country was challenging ... Read More

Oil production and the hazards therein, Ruweng needs immediate safety!

Achan Tonny- 15/01/2021

By Dr. Sunday de John, Nairobi, Kenya In the wake of October 30, 2015, I happened to be a guest of honour in a function ... Read More

Trump just got impeached for inciting insurrection

Achan Tonny- 14/01/2021

President Trump just got impeached—again. On Wednesday, Trump became the first president in American history to be impeached twice by the House of Representatives, capping ... Read More

Top 10 South Sudan greatest musicians of all time.

Achan Tonny- 07/01/2021

Music is an integral part of our life because it is always easier to live with it. It helps us to relax, to love, to ... Read More

From being a young South Sudanese refugee to becoming South Africa’s leading doctor

Achan Tonny- 06/01/2021

When a nurse once told a young Emmanuel Taban that he’d grow up to become a doctor, the thought was “absurd”, he says. “The possibility ... Read More

Hacker takes over former Miss World South Sudan Facebook account

Achan Tonny- 04/01/2021

For the better part of Monday, former Miss World South Sudan, Florence Thompson lost her Facebook account to a hacker who seized the moment to ... Read More

Top 50 South Sudanese 2020

Masura- 29/12/2020

2020 has been a year like no other for South Sudanese. From global pandemic to the intriguing game of basketball in Kigali, Rwanda. It is ... Read More

Meet Nyanbol, the youngest female South Sudanese PHD holder

Achan Tonny- 23/12/2020

Nyanbol Deng Kuol is officially the youngest female PHD holder in South Sudan at age of 28. The 28-year-old Nyanbol Deng Kuol Arop received her ... Read More

Sudanese Muslim family disowns daughter after getting married to a Christian South Sudanese man

Achan Tonny- 21/12/2020

In a precedent that is the first of its kind in Sudan, a Sudanese girl escaped from her father's house in order to marry a ... Read More

Shock as a minister fights over cars he borrowed [ VIDEO]

Achan Tonny- 20/12/2020

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Peter Mayen Majongdit on Wednesday couldn’t manage his anger when a businessman tried to take a car Mayen ... Read More

Covid vaccine abandoned over false HIV response

Achan Tonny- 11/12/2020

A promising Australian candidate for a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after trial participants returned false HIV positive results. Australia had previously agreed to buy ... Read More

Mama Amira goes on hunger strike after being kicked out of hotel

Achan Tonny- 07/12/2020

Just days after receiving two cars, a V8 from businessman Kur Ajiing and another from another businessman Bibi Ali, Amira was kicked out of Pyramid ... Read More

Ugandan President Museveni: Election will solve South Sudan problems

Achan Tonny- 07/12/2020

President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to the government of South Sudan to arrange an election as a way of putting an end to the persisting ... Read More

Meet Kemis, a degree holder who finds joy in making chapatis

Achan Tonny- 06/12/2020

Kemis Emmanuel Yokwe owns a Rolex business in Juba, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Education. Kemis Emmanuel Yokwe studied to be a teacher, but ... Read More