Rome peace talks between SSOMA, RTGoNU end in deadlock

Achan Tonny- 13/10/2020

Peace talks aimed at reaching an agreement between the SSOMA and the coalition government ended in deadlock on Monday as the Parties disagreed on a ... Read More

Skin bleaching is a popular practice with many South Sudanese

Achan Tonny- 13/10/2020

Skin bleaching is a popular practice with many South Sudanese – especially among but not limited to, women and girls. Skin whitening and the issue ... Read More

What is the real reason behind South Sudan’s decision to change its currency?

Achan Tonny- 12/10/2020

By Jok Madut-Jok Part of the challenge of being a new country is that whatever policy action such a country pursues is likely to be ... Read More

South Sudan: Once a glorious country in Africa

Achan Tonny- 11/10/2020

By Dr. Ben Guarken Chiman, Juba, South Sudan My Son, my daughter, look at it now, look at it well! It was once known to ... Read More

Meet Malong’s SSUF new spokeswoman

Achan Tonny- 27/09/2020

It is now official that Sunday De John's tenure as South Sudan United Front member and spokesperson has come to an end. But who is ... Read More

Scientific study: Unfaithful men have lower IQs

Achan Tonny- 03/09/2020

Deceitful and despicable is one description that wronged wives could apply to their cheating husbands. Plain stupid is another. For scientists have concluded that men ... Read More

Top 10 most-liked Facebook pages in South Sudan [2020]

Achan Tonny- 03/09/2020

Facebook is the most used social media platform not only in the world but also in South Sudan with an increased number of South Sudanese ... Read More

Redcros Bul: Meet 17-year-old rising South Sudanese star from refugee camp gracing international fashion runways

Achan Tonny- 02/09/2020

Born at Kakuma Refugee Camp located in the Northwest part of Kenya, Redcros Bul Malang is a budding model in the catwalk runways. The South ... Read More

Gen. John Akot Maluth of DNPI is a selfless and hardworking Professional Police Officer

Achan Tonny- 02/09/2020

By Arkangelo Bol Mawien   John F. Kennedy, the former President of USA, once said " never ask what the country will do for you, ... Read More

Bayern Munich win Champions League after beating PSG in final

Achan Tonny- 24/08/2020

This strangest of Champions League seasons finishes with the most traditionalist of winners, and a classic final storyline. Old money beats new money thanks to ... Read More

South Sudan can pay EAC $24 million debt with oil, timber, booze, cows

Achan Tonny- 22/08/2020

First, the bad news. We learnt recently that Burundi and South Sudan have still not made good the subscriptions they owe the East African Community ... Read More

Meet Juba’s public transport lady driver

Achan Tonny- 17/08/2020

If you use public transport in Juba, you may have seen a lady behind steering wheel, driving a public service vehicle. She is Evelyn Julius. ... Read More

Watch ‘BLACK IS KING,’ a film by Beyoncé featuring South Sudanese models

Achan Tonny- 31/07/2020

By now, you may have heard that Beyoncé has released a new visual album featuring South Sudanese model, Adut Akech and Aweng Chuol called “Black ... Read More

Dr Riek Machar’s deadly love for Johnson Olony and the fate of R-ARCSS

Achan Tonny- 31/07/2020

By Deng Vanang Upper Nile State among ten States is still the only one without its head or Governor. Governor’s absence not the common interest ... Read More

Taller people face higher risk of catching COVID-19, survey says

Achan Tonny- 31/07/2020

People over six feet tall are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with the coronavirus, the results of a new survey reveal. The ... Read More