LIST: President Kiir appoints Jonglei State’s Ministers

Achan Tonny- 23/02/2021

President Salva Kiir Mayardit Tuesday evening appointed members of Jonglei State transitional government. Read More

Ears on the Ground as UNSC Demands Accountability on South Sudan Oil Money

Achan Tonny- 22/02/2021

South Sudan isn’t an island. The moment it attained independence from Sudan in 2011 after a unanimous vote for succession, it has to abide by ... Read More

Radio at Cross Road: The Struggle Between Fulfilling their Public Mandate and Survival

Achan Tonny- 17/02/2021

February 13 became World Radio Day in 2011 after a proclamation by the Member States of UNESCO. The day was adopted by the United Nations ... Read More

Arual Cyer Mayar urges all black girls to maintain their skins and to never bleach.

Achan Tonny- 23/01/2021

My names Arual Cyer Mayar. I am a South Sudanese and belongs to African. Dear fellow African men and women, I want to express myself ... Read More

How this former Miss South Sudan beat drug and alcohol addiction to reclaim her life

Achan Tonny- 20/01/2021

Diyo Ayuen was 11 when she came to Australia with her mother and siblings. Growing up as a refugee in a new country was challenging ... Read More

Oil production and the hazards therein, Ruweng needs immediate safety!

Achan Tonny- 15/01/2021

By Dr. Sunday de John, Nairobi, Kenya In the wake of October 30, 2015, I happened to be a guest of honour in a function ... Read More

FULL-TEXT: Dr. Lam Akol’s proposal on Upper Nile conference

Achan Tonny- 06/01/2021

South Sudan’s prominent opposition leader and chairperson of the country’s National Democratic Movement (NDM), Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, has released a proposal on how to ... Read More

Whatsapp won’t work on these phones from January 5, 2021

Achan Tonny- 03/01/2021

Users of affected mobile devices will have to update their mobile operating system or buy a new smartphone to use WhatsApp WhatsApp has said that ... Read More

Once deemed unfit for science, this former refugee is helping fight COVID-19 in Australia

Achan Tonny- 22/12/2020

A young refugee girl, Abul Manyuon Mayen dreamt of changing the world through science as her family moved from South Sudan to Ethiopia, then Kenya, ... Read More

Meet Bol Abuk, South Sudan’s most promising young entrepreneur

Masura- 25/11/2020

At the age of 29, Bol Abuk is already an accomplished CEO of a national company. Read More

10 unknown facts about US President-elect Joe Biden every South Sudanese need to know

Achan Tonny- 08/11/2020

Democrat Joe Biden on Saturday (November 7) defeated Republican incumbent President Donald Trump to win the US Presidential election 2020. "America, I’m honored that you ... Read More

Rome peace talks between SSOMA, RTGoNU end in deadlock

Achan Tonny- 13/10/2020

Peace talks aimed at reaching an agreement between the SSOMA and the coalition government ended in deadlock on Monday as the Parties disagreed on a ... Read More

Skin bleaching is a popular practice with many South Sudanese

Achan Tonny- 13/10/2020

Skin bleaching is a popular practice with many South Sudanese – especially among but not limited to, women and girls. Skin whitening and the issue ... Read More

What is the real reason behind South Sudan’s decision to change its currency?

Achan Tonny- 12/10/2020

By Jok Madut-Jok Part of the challenge of being a new country is that whatever policy action such a country pursues is likely to be ... Read More

South Sudan: Once a glorious country in Africa

Achan Tonny- 11/10/2020

By Dr. Ben Guarken Chiman, Juba, South Sudan My Son, my daughter, look at it now, look at it well! It was once known to ... Read More