The Kenyan lawyer the IGAD has nominated to chair the National Constitutional Amendment Committee of South Sudan, Prof. Patrick Lumumba during a workshop held in Nairobi said that the suffering of the South Sudanese is to be blamed on the elite leaders in South Sudan.

While speaking he said that most of the politician in South Sudan have their home, families and investment in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Europe.

“All if not all but a good number of cabinet ministers in South Sudan lives in Nairobi and their children are either in Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Kampala or Europe,” PLO said during the workshop.

He continues to reiterate that the cabinet ministers are using the country as their hunting ground killing South Sudanese for their own selfish gains.

“South Sudan is a hunting ground where they work on Fridays, steal money and invest elsewhere,’ he added.

The renown orator continues to speak how there is no leadership in South Sudan.