Local businessman and tycoon Peter Makiir Gai has announced a donation of 2.4 Million SSP (about 16,000USD) and five hundred plastic chairs to St. Kizito Catholic Parish in Juba to help facilitate the church’s activities.

Addressing the congregation of St. Kizito Catholic Parish today during the Sunday Homily, Peter Makiir Gai said he is donating 2 million SSP to the church to help speed up the construction of the new church. 200,000 SSP to the English Choir and 100,000 SSP each to Arabic and Bari Choirs to help facilitate the activities of the choirs in the church.

Makiir said the donation is part of his contribution to the church as Jesus said “go, sell your belongings and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me”.

For her part the chair lady for the English Choir of St. Kizito Parish, Mary Emmanuel expressed gratitude for the contribution of Peter Makiir Gai to the church and that they were lacking a lot of things as choirs and the church.

“As you can see the church is still under construction and you know very well we have no finances and support, that is why the work for the construction of the church delayed. We really thank Peter for the support that he has given and we hope that other people will also do the same to see to it that the church grows especially in South Sudan,” she said

Mary said that Peter Makiir Gai despite his wealth and limited time, is a regular church attendant and a generous philanthropist. On previous occasions he contributed generously for the construction of St. Joseph’s Catholic Parish in Juba as well as St. Theresa’s Cathedral Kotor also in Juba.

Last month the businessman made donation of 1 million pounds to Juba University as school fees for less fortunate students.

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