A former senior officer from SPLA division two Chan Garang Lual claimed that he now formed a new rebellion against the government of President Kiir Mayardit. In his first interview with SBS Dinka Radio, Chan claimed that he left Juba to escape the orders that were given to arrest him. Chan who called himself magedem cited the targeting of officers and military personnel from Aweil communities.
In an interview broadcasted in  Melbourne on SBS Dinka Radio, claimed since President Kiir differed General Paul Malong Awan, many of their seniors officers have been directly threated by the security forces.

“As we speak, we have about 30 officers and other 70 individuals who are arrested in the blue house in Juba.Three have died and the reasons for targetting them is not known to us. I have now decided to fight the Government of President and those who are supporting his activities.”

We asked whether he left Juba to go to Aweil and whether he was alone the other opposition forces.

“I left Torit with three platoons and I was joined by another 150 soldiers.The Government tried to arrest me on the 24/10/2017 and we resisted their attack. We are now in Amandi area and they know where I am ready to fight back.”

SBS Dinka is yet to confirm the rank of magedam Chan Garang Lual.

Listen to the interview from SBS (Sorry it’s in Dinka language)