A youth association in Jonglei call Dinka Bor Youth Association has request international NGOs, UN agencies & CBOs to evacuate all Equatorian working in Jonglei state.
The letter addressed to UN-OCHA through state RRC office has requested the UN agencies to swiftly evacuate the equatorians in the state.
“The leadership of Bor Community Youth Association on behave of the entire Bor community youth is requesting UNOCHA to convey this message to all international NGOs, UN agencies and CBOs without failure,” the letter reads.

This came after the youth in the state complained of NGOs employment system which allegedly employs mainly the Equatorians leaving out the youth out rendering them jobless.

Meanwhile, renown journalist Mading Ngor Akech alleges that the report going around on social media is a lie and the situation in Bor is different from what is being reported.

“On the alleged threat against Equatorians in Jonglei state, Bor, the fact is different on the ground. The state is peaceful and all kinds of people move at night. The government has arrested some of the authors of a letter that threatens Equatorians working for NGOs in the state. Although the youth here express strong resentment of NGOs employment system, the violent approach is being condemned by many citizens of Bor Town. Overall, the image of Bor that is prevailing is one of multiculturalism and tolerance,” Mading posted on social media.

The UN is deeply concerned and condemns threats against aid workers originally from the Equatoria region working in Bor town.