The DNA test to help identify the Alakiir Paul Malong Awan is out today. The 16 years old Alakiir and her 14-year-old sister Amou, were form one students at Moi Girls in Nairobi became victims on which Alakiir died and Amou was injured on 01/09/2017.

The family of Paul Malong Awan was informed by Moi Girls administrations this morning about the outcomes. Family members in Nairobi immediately went to Chiromo mortuary where the body was kept. Mourners are now viewing the body at Chiromo mortuary.

Until the moment we spoke to the source, members of the family after they confirmed everything were waiting for the Kenyan Government official to hand over the body. The DNA that was used to identify the body of Alakiir was taken from the mother. One of the relatives that they have now, ‘confirmed Alakiir is dead’.

The next journey now is for the family to take the body of Alakiir to the home village of Malualkon. The family has yet confirmed the direction if they will take the body directly to Malualkon from Nairobi or pass by Juba to collect the rest of the family members? Alakiir’s father Paul Malong Awan is under ‘house arrest’ in Juba and there is no indication from the Government of South Sudan if they would be allowing to travel to Aweil?

Source: SBS