Do you need a hookup with a rich South Sudanese in Juba this december? Here are the best places to meet one, according to those who have succeeded in this game

Churches attended by the rich

Most people go to church to meet partners, but if you need a rich sponsor you should attend churches where the rich go. Avoid attending churches in Sherekat, Gudele because they are full of broke men. Some of the churches where the rich attend include Emmanuel Jieng Church, All Saint Cathedral and St. Joseph’s Catholic church.

Five Star Hotels

There is no way you can meet a “bany” in hotels located along Jebel Dinka, Suk Sita, Gumbo and surrounding; these hotels are frequented by men who are extremely broke-if they spend SSP 500 on a lady, that evening he will miss supper.

You should frequent hotels like Pyramid Hotel, Crown Hotel, and La Corte Toscana Hotel & Resort Juba

Popular expensive events

Broke people don’t attend expensive events; they normally struggle to attend organized by dying talents in the city. Expensive events are for the rich, and if you hear where it’s played, please attend the event.

Simply hire a single room, bedsitter in estates like Hai Amarat, Hai Jalaba, or stay in posh hotel

There are several houses to rent in rich estates. If you hire one, you’ll be close to a rich man, meaning that he will be spotting you whenever he passes through the area.