Kenyan member of parliament Catherine Waruguru has stunned netizens after telling women to consider getting married as second wives to avoid being single mothers.

Speaking on KTN’s Morning Express, Ms Waruguru encouraged women to find husbands at all costs.

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“I’d encourage majority of Kenyan women who are single and they’ve found a man who they think can be a good friend and a husband, moving forward, and they love their children. We do not have to raise our children as single mothers,” said the woman rep.

“And especially our boys… I passionately feel for the boy child. Not only through marriages, we need to take this conversation further. That our children, whether boys or girls, they need people to look up to as fathers and if there no fathers we need to go farther to see whether we can get uncles, and mentors.”

The woman rep, who is married as a second wife, caused a stir earlier this month when she claimed she had been barred from a Kericho hotel after being asked to produce a marriage certificate.