This strangest of Champions League seasons finishes with the most traditionalist of winners, and a classic final storyline.

Old money beats new money thanks to an old boy, showing his former club why they were wrong. Kingsley Coman, who left Paris Saint-Germain after growing frustrated with the chances amid so much expenditure, wins the 65th Champions League final for Bayern Munich with a goal on the hour.

It offers one of the few elements in football that still feels priceless, certainly to a frustrated PSG. That’s that prestigious and grandiose trophy, that Bayern have now lifted six times. It puts them level again as the third most successful club in European history along with Liverpool, and after AC Milan and Real Madrid. They add a second treble to that, and Europe’s ninth treble in all, denying PSG the same feat in the process.

Bayern also become the first club to have ever managed a perfect Champions League season, winning every single game, although records like that don’t quite feel so remarkable given the nature of the season and the nature of modern football.

It was all about that trophy, that they looked on with such joy. There may not have been fans, but there was still what means most in football.


Via Independent