A two-year-old child and a man were shot dead in a night robbery at Gudele residential area in Juba, according to the chairman of the quarter council of Gudele Block five.

A group of armed men riding in three Toyota pickups entered the area and started raiding houses.

Emmanuel Clement said they attacked one home whereby they opened fire, “brutally” killing the baby boy and wounding his mother. An unnamed man was also shot dead in a neighboring house.

“They asked him to go under the bed and there after, they shot him,” said Mr. Clement.

Mr. Clement went on to say that there is a police unit deployed in the area but they do not carry guns.

“The area is not in peace now. People are moving here and there,” he added.

Efforts by Eye Radio to reach the police service were unsuccessful.

Eyewitnesses said one of the vehicles the robbers had left behind during the getaway was picked this morning by unidentified man.

In August, the Minister of Defense has told Eye Radio some of the criminals behind night robberies in Juba are members of the organized forces.