Former model and mother to Emmanuel Jal’s son has accused the self-proclaimed peace and human rights activist of neglecting his son.

Atong Arjok took to Facebook recently to rant about the Canadian-based singer.

“Emmanuel Jal be a f—king father to your kid. You’re too busy saving ‘lives’ while 3 of your kids wither,” she posted.

She went on to warn people who idolize Emmanuel Jal to be careful because a man who goes months without checking on his kids is not a leader.

“Everyone be careful of who you idolize, a man that goes months at a time ignoring his children is no leader.”

She said in a now deleted post on Facebook. Emmanuel Jal sired a son with Atong Arjok but it’s not clear which other 2 kids the model was referring to as she mentioned Jal has neglected 3 kids.