Author: Dexxx

Pound strengthens against dollar

Dexxx- 11/04/2016

The value of the South Sudanese Pound is strengthening against the US dollar. The foreign currency is now selling at 30 pounds in commercial banks. ... Read More

Riek Machar coming to Juba on 18 April

Dexxx- 07/04/2016

South Sudan's armed opposition leader Riek Machar will return to Juba on 18th April to assume his position as First-Vice President. In a press statement, ... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: MC Ghetto meets Jamaican Charly Black on “Paper”

Dexxx- 04/04/2016

Kenyan based dancehall artist and a member of Bossmaan Sound, Aguto Kuol moniker MC Ghetto teamed up with renown Jamaican dancehall artist, Charly Black on ... Read More

Daughter of a minister fights over a married man in a club

Dexxx- 01/04/2016

A daughter of a prominent minister, Sandra fought a girl named Shantel in a fierce and violent fight over a married man at a club ... Read More

Drama as man caught making love to a donkey offers to pay bride price

Dexxx- 30/03/2016

A man has been caught red-handed having s*x with a donkey. However, the crowd was shocked when the man offered to pay $150 in a ... Read More

Music Video: Coozos Clan – Geleng

Dexxx- 29/03/2016

South Sudan music video is getting better each and every day. Geleng music video is another nice video from the video production house, Studio34. Check ... Read More

Atorry’s explicit song causes public uproar (18+)

Dexxx- 29/03/2016

The Controversial Explicit South Sudanese rapper, Bior Ajang Duot popularly known as Atorry is one artist whose song always gets people talking and, this time, ... Read More

Vice president Wani Igga is a Drake’s fan…( See Photo )

Dexxx- 28/03/2016

Who doesn't love James Wani Igga? from his satirical comment to his sometimes awkward style of dressing.He is people's leader. He has always had a way of ... Read More

South Sudanese female rapper attacked in Kampala

Dexxx- 28/03/2016

South Sudanese female rapper, Abol Suzan popularly known among music fan as Anavanna  had a bad day over the Easter after a performing at Club ... Read More

Top 5 Wackest Junubin rappers – Guess who’s number 1?

Dexxx- 26/03/2016

The rap game  in South Sudan is pretty lame. People are saying that it’s full of clowns ruining it. We’re not sure about that, but ... Read More

FIFA president celebrates 45th birthday in Juba

Dexxx- 23/03/2016

The head of international football association FIFA Gianni Infantino flew into the country to celebrates his 45th birthday at South Sudan Football Federation headquarters. He ... Read More

Koffi Olomide to set record for the most expensive concert in Juba

Dexxx- 21/03/2016

Veteran Congolese musician Koffi Olomide is coming to Juba and nothing is going to stop the organisers from making it happen despite harsh condemnation from ... Read More

Tips for surviving the economic crisis in Juba

Dexxx- 20/03/2016

Surviving the Economic Crisis sometimes seems impossible, but there are ways to come out on top. The current economic state looks like it's here to ... Read More

Junubin Original Rasta is in Ghana…find out why

Dexxx- 19/03/2016

South Sudanese true follower of Rastafari culture, Korby Hingira Dieri Dandara Dunyaka, better known to music lovers as Original Ras Korby is in Ghana, West ... Read More

Junubi man marries two women on the same day (Photo)

Dexxx- 19/03/2016

  A 34-year-old Junubi man marries two women on the same day in Juba. A thing many of you couldn't imagine happening. The colorful wedding ... Read More