Author: Dexxx

VIDEO: Loul Deng speaks out on Trump’s travel and immigration ban

Dexxx- 03/02/2017

The NBA community was deeply saddened and troubled by President Donald Trump’s self-described ban on immigrants and refugees from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United ... Read More

Japan extends $22.4 million to South Sudan

Dexxx- 02/02/2017

Japanese ambassador and newly appointed Director-General of African Affairs Amb. Rajesh Oduhu announced today  $22.4 million assistance for South Sudan. The government of Japan approved ... Read More

Boma State minister of finance arrested at airport with 70K $

Dexxx- 02/02/2017

Security officers at Juba International Airport on Saturday detained Boma State Minister of Finance Joseph Lolimoi for attempting to carry $70,000 abroad, a state official ... Read More

United Kings are in trouble after borrowing clothes for shows

Dexxx- 02/02/2017

Raphsody and MB Law of United Kings, famously known for their "Sambala" hit song are alledgely in trouble for failing to pay back a boutique ... Read More

Morrocco to finance construction of Ramciel City

Dexxx- 02/02/2017

Morocco signed an agreement yesterday with South Sudan to finance and build the proposed new capital city of the country, Ramciel. The announcement was made ... Read More

Junubi designer honored by the Queen of England

Dexxx- 13/01/2017

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain has awarded South Sudanese designer Akuja de Garang with the Member of the Order of British Empire (MBE), which was ... Read More

Paul Malong receives honorary doctorate for peace

Dexxx- 08/01/2017

The SPLA Chief of General Staff president, General Paul Malong Awan Anei popularly known as King Paul, on Thursday was awarded Honorary Doctorate degree by ... Read More

South Sudan Football Premier League to officially kickoff in Rumbek

Dexxx- 22/12/2016

Speaking on arrival in Rumbek freedom Square, the Chairperson, Tenfis Bol Ater said that his company supports the Youth in Rumbek in building unity, peace ... Read More

MC Ghetto and Alijoma Australian tour cancelled

Dexxx- 22/12/2016

MC Ghetto and the fastest rising star,  Alijoma Mabil who were slated to tour and perform in varies cities in Australia aren’t happy men. They ... Read More

Ugandan University license revoked over issuing fake degrees to Junubin

Dexxx- 22/12/2016

Busoga University has been caught up in an academic fraud scandal over the manner in which more than 1,000 South Sudanese were admitted on courses ... Read More

Imatong State bans defecating in the airstrip

Dexxx- 22/12/2016

Well, if an airstrip doesn’t have Many planes landing on it, what do you expect. In Eastern Equatoria, citizens were using it as public toilets ... Read More

Juba Teaching Hospital to stop using mobile phone’s torches during medical operations

Dexxx- 19/12/2016

After the main generator at Juba Teaching Hospital, which supplies electricity broke down, the hospital was left in darkness forcing midwives and nurses to resort ... Read More

Agel Machar defects from Riek’s SPLM-IO

Dexxx- 19/12/2016

A close source in the government has disclosed to HIJ that Agel Ring Machar resigned from SPLM-IO to joined the Government under the leadership of ... Read More

Tutu Baibe rejects 3000 shillings for STA Awards performance for being too little

Dexxx- 16/12/2016

The 2016 STA Awards female artist of the year has allegedly rejected a payment by STA Awards organisers for being too little. A Source close to ... Read More

Promoter Sam to open new night club in Uganda

Dexxx- 16/12/2016

Eye Radio Award 2015 promoter of the year and the founder of Rockstars Promotion Company, Promoter Sam is alleged to have teamed up with a ... Read More