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Singer Deng Mtoto arrested, accused of murder

Dexxx- 20/09/2019

Police have arrested a 31-year-old Singer, Deng Mtoto over alleged murder of an upcoming musician. There are conflicting reports over the arrest of the musician ... Read More

Deputy Police Spokesperson: No one should be arrested without prove of arrest warrant

Dexxx- 17/09/2019

Security officers should only arrest suspects after producing warrants of arrest. Yesterday, Deputy Spokesperson of the National Police Service Col. James Dak Karlo said some ... Read More

Juba is becoming an alcoholic city

Dexxx- 17/09/2019

Juba City is fast growing as an alcoholic city that if not checked might become a brooding zone for alcoholics. The rate at which Juba ... Read More

Unknown gunmen leave Rapper Hot Dogg’s cousin fighting for his life

Dexxx- 05/08/2019

Rapper Hot Dogg's cousin, Mading is the latest victim of the unknown gunmen in Juba. Mading Akol better known to many as Jimmy narrowly escaped ... Read More

Miss Juba university ridiculed for being ‘ugly’

Dexxx- 05/08/2019

South Sudanese on Facebook can be ruthless. Everything goes through their scrutiny, from Makuei Lueth, to Ateny Wek. Nobody is exempted from South Sudanese on ... Read More

Liverpool fans in Juba donate food items to orphanage to celebrate Liverpool’s victory [PHOTOS]

Dexxx- 10/06/2019

Liverpool fan in South Sudan put a smile on the faces of orphans at an orphanage in Juba after the donated assorted foodstuffs to Straight ... Read More

Thieves in Uganda use South Sudan number plates to steal cars, police say

Dexxx- 23/05/2019

Police have revealed that thieves are using South Sudan number plates to steal Ugandan vehicles to feed the Kenya black market. Mr Michael Odongo, the ... Read More

South Sudan Artists Union, Governor of Jubek agrees to lift ban on clubs in Juba

Dexxx- 23/05/2019

The South Sudan Artists Union and the mayor of Jubek state have agreed to scrutinize all night clubs in Juba city to ease a recent ... Read More

First Lady survives grisly road accident [PHOTOS]

Dexxx- 17/05/2019

Self-proclaimed First Lady, Mary Boyoi was involved in a grisly road accident in Nairobi.The accident that occurred in January involved a heavy commercial vehicle that ... Read More

New Juba Mayor to make Juba clean like ‘glass’

Dexxx- 31/01/2019

The newly appointed mayor of Juba says he will prioritize sanitation and hygiene in the capital. Semir Khamis Suleiman was appointed by the governor of ... Read More

Jose Chameleone set for an electrifying performance in Juba

Dexxx- 17/12/2018

Afro-dancehall and reggae music sensation Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone, is set to perform in Juba at an event organized and promoted by ... Read More

How to prepare financially for Christmas like a South Sudanese

Dexxx- 14/12/2018

Why are we stressed financially at Christmas when we have all year to plan for it? We know it’s coming! Let’s have this year be ... Read More

Female singer Mami set to take over Juba airwaves with her new single ‘Nakupenda’

Dexxx- 13/12/2018

She is a talented singer and a former Miss South Sudan USA with a perfect voice. Her name is Amna Mami Millewa but people commonly ... Read More

Two South Sudanese dead, several injured in inter-clan fight over a girl in Kakuma Refugee camp

Dexxx- 10/12/2018

Two people have been confirmed dead following a brutal fight that occurred on Monday night between South Sudanese clans in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya Several ... Read More

Meet beautiful ladies ready to battle it out at Miss South Sudan Kenya (PHOTOS)

Dexxx- 06/12/2018

With the clock ticking as the D-day gets closer, the Miss South Sudan beauty contestants are seen putting final touches to the talents they are ... Read More