Author: Achan Tonny

Marys are husband snatchers! Here is the full list of girls names and their behaviours

Achan Tonny- 25/03/2017

What is your name? Do you like it? And do you know what it means? In today’s series of names, we bring you 52 common ... Read More

Homosexuality will not be allowed in South Sudan, government says

Achan Tonny- 25/03/2017

Government will not adopt recommendations by the UN Human Rights Council to legalize same-sex marriage, the Minister of Justice has said. Paulino Wanawila says same-sex ... Read More

Government hikes passport and national ID fees

Achan Tonny- 05/03/2017

The South Sudanese minister for finance has officially announced a hike in fees for the country’s national identification cards, passport, visas and other personal documents. ... Read More

Pastor says he has ‘God’s Direct Phone Number’

Achan Tonny- 28/02/2017

A Zimbabwean pastor has claimed to have a direct line to reach the heavens. This has left a lot of people shocked at the revelation. ... Read More

Fashion model Bhakita Wour announces she is pregnant

Achan Tonny- 28/02/2017

Fashion Model and a former Miss Malaika first runner-up, Bhakita Wour is expecting her first child. The model announced the happy news by sharing a ... Read More

South Sudanese singer Melodiva quits bleaching

Achan Tonny- 27/02/2017

Singer Abul Garang better known as Melodiva to music world becomes the second South Sudanese singer to declare quitting skin bleaching practice. The singer who ... Read More

Goat gives birth to a human-form creature in Torit

Achan Tonny- 27/02/2017

There was confusion in Imatong State yesterday after a goat gave birth to a creature, which looks so much like a human being. Outgoing Mayor ... Read More

Government officials suspended over alleged mismanagement of SSP 1.5 million

Achan Tonny- 24/02/2017

In Jonglei State, three deputy mayors of Bor municipality have been suspended for allegedly mismanaging 1.5 million pounds, the governor and the Bor town mayor ... Read More

Donald Trump wants U.N. to blacklist Riek Machar

Achan Tonny- 19/02/2017

The United States under President Donald Trump administration wants the United Nations Security Council to blacklist former South Sudan’s first vice president Riek Machar. Reuters ... Read More

Top officials at Ministry of Housing embezzled $20 billion: official

Achan Tonny- 10/02/2017

Government officials in South Sudan’s Ministry of Land and Housing embezzled $20 billion meant for development projects in the country, a top official said. Speaking ... Read More

Hilarious excuses Junubin boyfriends used to escape Valentine’s Day

Achan Tonny- 10/02/2017

Valentines is a few days away and already these junubin men are claiming a headache. Women love valentines. They love it when their men go ... Read More

Classic FM suspends MC Jam. Here is why

Achan Tonny- 10/02/2017

Words on the street allege that the classic voice at Classic FM,  MC Jam has been suspended for two months without pay. The radio celebrity ... Read More

Juba International Airport named the worst Airport on Africa

Achan Tonny- 10/02/2017

Once again, Juba International Airport has been named the Worst Airports in Africa according to survey. The airport has attracted fervent criticism from travellers ... Read More

True African Mag’ founder accuses Lam Tungwar, Triple X of stealing

Achan Tonny- 10/02/2017

Sometimes when things go hard, Dog eats a dog is the norm and the current economic crisis in the country is forcing people into being ... Read More

American to coach South Sudan men’s national team

Achan Tonny- 13/01/2017

Jerry Steele, a retired American basketball player and coach is the new head coach of South Sudan men’s national, the country's Basketball Federation confirmed on ... Read More