Author: Ahmed Lotole

Neetah Baby gets schooled by former bae, Mr. Sabuni

Ahmed Lotole- 22/02/2016

Shots have finally been fired. And they are heading directly towards one former love bird of columnist and writer, Mr. Sabuni. Sabuni who was a ... Read More

Eritrean government asks men to marry at least two wives or face imprisonment

Ahmed Lotole- 25/01/2016

Kenyans have received the news of mandatory polygamy by men in Eritrea with a mix of bewilderment and excitement. Activists have posted a memo allegedly ... Read More

Dance competition for Junubin in Juba, Kampala & Nairobi to launch soon

Ahmed Lotole- 14/01/2016

A new dance series dubbed "Dance 211" for South Sudanese youth is set to launch in Kampala and Juba soon. The first South Sudan’s modern ... Read More

Meet Junub’s ‘Baddest’ female Hip Hop lyricist: Pix inside

Ahmed Lotole- 16/12/2015

"Why you dudes makin’ bets huh? If you don't see me as a threat huh? I won't be loosin or confusing u opportunists, Cuz when ... Read More

Promota Saimo Reacts to posts on tribalism in the music industry

Ahmed Lotole- 15/12/2015

The debate on whether the nascent music industry in South Sudanese is being infested by tribalism is taking a new turn, with promoters seemingly responding ... Read More

Promota Ktwo rebukes radio presenters over tribalism

Ahmed Lotole- 14/12/2015

It may seem complimenting each other’s role in the music industry is not a thing Promoters and radio Presenters do well these days in South ... Read More

KR’s Dulang’aya video launch raises over SSP 50k

Ahmed Lotole- 13/12/2015

The highly anticipated video launch of the month has raised over 50,000 South Sudanese pounds in just one night of its break out on Saturday. ... Read More

Junubi boy ‘posses’ by ‘green man’ faces life in prison sentence in the U.S

Ahmed Lotole- 12/12/2015

A 19 year old Junubi is facing a lifetime in jail sentence in the United States. Ngor Makuei killed a 97 year old white man ... Read More

Triple X to launch a new club 64

Ahmed Lotole- 11/12/2015

A new hangout joint for the ‘hommies’ and ‘homlets’ will soon open in Juba. The lucrative joint located at Tong Piny area, near the airport ... Read More

Nyibol Grace baffle Neetah,Trisha,Boyoi & Rebekka from wining a STA award

Ahmed Lotole- 09/12/2015

Nyibol Grace has won the Best Female Artist award in the just concluded South Theatre Music Awards in Nairobi, Kenya. This is despite the fact ... Read More

McLumoex to pay for a new Silver X & Mr. Leng’s song

Ahmed Lotole- 06/12/2015

McLumoex has offered to pay for a new record between musical rivals, Silver X and Mr. Lengs. The singer and co-founder of Kilkilu Ana Comedy ... Read More

Silver X and Mr. Lengs bury the hatchet

Ahmed Lotole- 05/12/2015

The beef between two of South Sudan’s renowned contemporary artists seems to be subsiding with at least one of them publicly showing love for the ... Read More

“Do Not Lose to South Sudan”:President Al-Bashir reportedly warned his team

Ahmed Lotole- 04/12/2015

Shame and embarrassment are two ignominious acts any ‘Sudanese’ would do anything to avoid, let alone the President of the Republic. When South Sudan played ... Read More

No transport arranged for Bright Stars from JIA

Ahmed Lotole- 03/12/2015

Players of the South Sudan’s national football team were on Wednesday shocked to find their welcome party at the Juba International Airport had no logistics ... Read More

Majak Daw found – Not Guilty!

Ahmed Lotole- 03/12/2015

A court in North Melbourne has acquitted South Sudanese-born AFL football player of all charges brought against him by a white lady. Majak Daw was ... Read More