Author: Masura

Top 50 South Sudanese 2020

Masura- 29/12/2020

2020 has been a year like no other for South Sudanese. From global pandemic to the intriguing game of basketball in Kigali, Rwanda. It is ... Read More

Riek to hold “Fashoda Conference” to resolve Upper Nile deadlock

Masura- 05/12/2020

Riek has announced that he will hold conference in Fashoda to resolve the dispute over appointment of Olony. Read More

Kwiksy app launches in South Sudan, set to make overseas money transfer easier

Masura- 01/12/2020

Kwiksy has partnered with mGurush and launched a service that enables users to send and receive money instantly both locally and internationally. Read More

D’Mighty Kim drops new song ‘Insane’

Masura- 29/11/2020

Insane is an expression of love for beautiful ladies. From the booming keyboard-tinged intro Insane is a song with a feel-good vibe. Read More

Meet Bol Abuk, South Sudan’s most promising young entrepreneur

Masura- 25/11/2020

At the age of 29, Bol Abuk is already an accomplished CEO of a national company. Read More

Mayen Ayom gets SSP 50,000 donation from well-wisher

Masura- 22/10/2020

Social media sensation Mayen Ayom has received a financial support worth 50,000 pounds towards his studies. Read More

MTN launches 4G network in South Sudan

Masura- 20/10/2020

The 4G network is currently being tested at Amarat, Gumbo and some parts of Munuki ahead of the official rollout and launch next month. Read More

Team Kebir Comedy Show is back bigger and better

Masura- 29/09/2020

After almost 6 months of lockdown, Juba comedy fanatics finally have something to smile about as Team Kebir Comedy resumes. In March, Ministry of Health ... Read More

Drama as singers Hani Breva, Lady Kola and Juna De Star thrown out of VIP section to give way for Mary Boyoi

Masura- 26/09/2020

Three upcoming South Sudanese female singers had it rough on Thursday during this weekend's edition of Kilakilu Ana Comedy show at Nyakuron Cultural Centre. According ... Read More

Who is new Deputy Commissioner General of Revenue Authority, Africano Mande?

Masura- 19/09/2020

By Larco Lomayat Prior to his appointment as the Deputy Commissioner General of Revenue Authority on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, Brig. Gen. Africano Mande Gedim ... Read More

Achai Wiir peace tournament to end Saturday

Masura- 18/09/2020

Eight weeks-long football tournament dubbed "Together fo Peace Tournament" sponsored and organized by philanthropist and businesswoman Achai Wiir will come to an end on Saturday. ... Read More

Juba boda-boda riders demonstrate in support of finance minister sacking

Masura- 18/09/2020

Boda Boda riders in Juba on Thursday staged a peaceful procession in support of the sacking of Finance Minister Salvatore Garang Mabiordit. The riders in ... Read More

Who is Mary Boyoi?

Masura- 09/08/2020

Mary Boyoi, singer, human rights activist, and philanthropist from South Sudan. Read More

Who is Dynamq?

Masura- 08/08/2020

Dynamq, whose real name is Kennedy O. Lorya, is a South Sudanese Reggae-dance hall artist and DJ. Read More

Who is Yaba Angelosi?

Masura- 06/08/2020

Angelosi's music mixes catchy African traditional sounds with Western dance music using modern instrumentation and arrangements. Read More