Army official has been arrested for allegedly receiving money from jailed soldiers to secure their release, a senior military commander said last week.

Brig. Gen. Moses Kornelio Abele, the deputy chief for administration at Division Seventh for Torit and Kapoeta States, said Colonel Arkangelo Oliha, a prosecuting attorney in the army, was arrested and detained for allegedly releasing prisoners who paid him money.

Abele made the remarks during a one-day media and security dialogue, which was held at Torit Vision Hotel on Thursday last week.

“Our attorney was arrested here in Torit for releasing soldiers with money. If you have money, then he will release you when you are a criminal.  That means is a person who also committed a crime and has now been arrested,” said Abele.

According to the official, an investigation committee has already been formed to investigate the matter and the law would take its course.

Abele cautioned state authorities against the misuse of power and advised them to demonstrate good examples to citizens.

He strongly condemned the practice of releasing inmates in exchange for money, saying such acts tarnish the country’s image.

The army official said the suspect would be transferred to another army division within the country, if found guilty of the crime.

Source: RT