Daniella Valentino better known to many as Dinka Chick on social media is neck to neck with the presidential spokesperson, Ateny Wek who she accused of being incompetent, womaniser and corrupt.

She penned this piece on social media replying to Ateny’s response to her earlier post:

This addresses the master of manipulation, the one-eyed man in the office of the president. Thank you for writing yesterday’s article and thanks for ‘Hot in Juba’ for publishing it today. It allowed me to read it in full, rather than the snapshot that was sent to me. I am surprised that you downplayed yourself in your article, yet you decided to attack me in a nicely worded and slanderous piece of text. I challenge you to resign from your position as the press secretary and challenge me in the court of law. I will provide the evidence that you have had affairs on countless occasions. I challenge you to hand your phone over to president Kiir and allow him to read the messages that you’ve sent to the women of South Sudan and women all around the globe alike. You are in a public office, which gives you access to the internet in full – paid for by the public. Instead of doing your job, you spend your time flirting with women in Australia and Canada and America and Europe. You ‘impress’ them with your job title and utilise the privileges you have access to, to the point that some women have left their husbands in the diaspora to end up in a hotel room with yourself in Juba. What will another man’s wife do in a hotel room with you? Why’d you pick them up from the airport?
You are known for having many affairs here in the United Kingdom, it looks like you’ve carried on the trend elsewhere. Except now, you’ve gained even more power working at the high office abusing such you are entrusted with. Today, for example I received phone calls from three men who are willing to stand behind me in court and explain to the judge (whether here in Juba or London) that you have in-fact ended their marriages. I urge you to refer to your inbox, I’ve sent you a picture of a man and his wife and how you lured her into Juba; destroying their marriage. Just one example, Ateny Wek Ateny. You’re corrupt. You’re a conman. I only ask you to publicly resign and come with me to court. It is foolish how a man that has spent his time in jail for embezzlement and deception ends up working in the office of the president. You are a man who belongs in jail.
It was implied I have a “genetic mental health problem.” I’d like to categorically deny this statement and would be happy to go under a mental health evaluation. To slander me in this baseless way is a shame. At least when I write about someone, I do so with the confidence of having evidence to support my ‘claims.’ I’d like to point out the many grammatical mistakes of our spokesperson and I’d like to highlight my change in gender in line twenty-eight of the released HIJ article. I’d like to address your claims that you know about people who push me to “insult” you. I’d like to state your claims as false. Once again, I’d love to see some evidence of this. You should politically be done and I urge the president to fire this scandalous member of society and you should not hold the power you are entrusted with. I want you to thank the government of South Sudan for paying your phone bill, allowing you to flirt at free will and allow you destroy people’s lives. You leave children without mothers and husbands without wives.