Gok state parliament has impeached Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency over deteriorating security in the state.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Ujima Philip Dak speaker of Gok State assembly said the lawmakers passed the resolution for the impeachment of the minister.

She said that Minister Isaac Mayom Malek had failed to control the rampant insecurity, cattle raiding and inter-communal violence in Gok state.

The speaker recalled that in the latest inter-communal fight in the state, thirteen people had been killed while several others wounded.

Dak revealed that there was a report of misappropriation of public funds collected from the community as charges without blood compensation.

“The august house also passed a motion suspending all charges by the state high judge without blood compensation,” she said.

The speaker explained that high court often collect huge money from the culprits and releases them without paying blood compensation.

“The impeachment of the Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency Mayom Malek was a result of his failure to quell down insecurity,” Dak said.

She promised that the resolution of the impeachment would soon be availed to the governor.

Via JM