My names Arual Cyer Mayar. I am a South Sudanese and belongs to African.

Dear fellow African men and women, I want to express myself on who I’m as a little African young girl who grew up and raised by a strong black woman. Arual Cyer Mayar 🇸🇸

I’m proud of who I’m and I will never bleach my skin because it’s the true definition of my African Identity. To my fellow African girls, don’t bleach your skin, instead, be proud of it and show it to the world that you’re a black woman with Power who will never turn to bleach. The dark skin symbolizes power and love, it is unmatched. Black is peace, it is power, love, compassion, and a living spirit. I’m a black girl with the true meaning of African identity. My mother inherited it to me and I will carry it on to my next children. Let’s love ourselves and give our skin color peace. I love being black and will forever be grateful.

To my fellow African men, try to understand where we come from. Africa is a king crowned by black queens. We are so proud of you and we will never let you down. Let’s try to bring love home.

Source: Africa Legit