The South Sudan’s Artists Union has issued a strong warning to the promoters over the misuse of local artists.

Lucky O’ner, Executive Director of the Artists’ Union said some South Sudanese music promoters were doing their own things instead of promoting the talents.

The Union accused the music promoters of misuse of the South Sudan’s name to own benefits.

“We have seen music awards being organized in the name of the country but for personal interest of the organizers and their associates. This must stop from the effective of our messages reaching them,” Lucky said.

However, Lucky declined to name those promoters saying they know themselves.

Nyambura Kenyi, General Secretary of the Artists’ Union said no way the artists in the country could live a better life if they were continued to be misused.

“Our promoters come up with award ideas to make money and use these same artists without paying them, most of the awards in the country has been brother to sister or girl to boyfriend awards,” Kenyi said.

The Union also set strict rules on foreign artists coming to perform in the country. The rule says that any company bringing foreign artist must pay 50 percent of the money used to hire them to the local artists.

“The companies bringing foreign artists in the country will have to pay 50 percent of the money they used for hiring the artists to the local artists who will be performing. This is to ensure that our musicians also improve their lives,” Lucky said.

One of the upcoming music promoters who spoke on anonymity said that the Artists’ Union should first organize themselves before coming up with tough warnings.

“You cannot come with warnings if you are not organized. The music promoters are well organized and they are playing their role for the development of the industry,” the person said.

Different international artists have been involved in a series of events happening in the country and the Artists Union hopes that the promoters will follow their warnings.

Via: Mandela Nelson Denis