The army has just confirmed it killed businessman Kerbino Wol Agok, who recently announced a rebellion against the government in Juba.

He was reportedly killed in combat with the SSPDF on Sunday, June 14.

According to the SSPDF, Captain Kerbino was shot and killed following days of offensive reportedly launched on his position in Eastern Lakes state.

“The 4 days offensive operations resulted in the neutralization, which was the killing of Wol Agok, along with two others at Ayen Mayar Villiage in Amukpiny in Rumbek East,” SSPDF spokesperson, Major General Lul Ruai told Eye Radio.

The army said the attack on Kerbino’s position was executed by its 6th Infantry Division based in Lakes state.

“Our gallant forces from 16 Infantry Brigade of 6 Insanitary Division conducted a very successful surgical offensive operation against outlaws of the October Movement founded by Kerbion Wol Agok,” Maj.Gen. Lul proclaimed.

Last week, Kerbino Wol announced on the ‘Voice America’ the formation of the 7th October Movement.

“They [young people] have taken the lead to liberate themselves from the oppression and failed leadership in the country,” he told VOA.

Keribino had just gotten out of prison on a presidential amnesty in January after President Kiir pardoned him, activists Peter Biar and others.

He was reportedly killed while being harboured by a civilian in a nearby village. A woman and a child were also wounded in the attack.

“Kerbino died along with Monydiar Maker Mangar, a youth leader who hosted him in his own house at the time of the fierce gun battles with the forces that have been pursuing them,” Lul stated.

“Also wounded were Monydiar’s wife and her son,” he added.

The late Wol, alleged to be a captain in the National Security Service was a businessman and the proprietor of KK Security Company – one of the leading security company in the country. Wol also owned Kerbino Grills, among other businesses.

He was initially detained over unconfirmed reasons -months before he and other prisoners reportedly disarmed prison guards and temporarily took control of a section of the NSS headquarters.

During a court hearing in June 2019, Kerbino, Biar and others were accused of terror, sabotage, and crimes against the state.

The high court in Juba later found him guilty of violating some sections of the penal court and the national security act.

Kerbino and five others were charged with possession of firearms and sabotage among others.

The government had accused him of inciting violence which led to a standoff between detainees and soldiers at the National Security headquarters in Juba on October 7, 2019.

Kerubino was sentenced to  10 years, for violating section 67, 72, 79 and 47 of the penal code of 2008.

He was also sentenced to two years for violating section 80/2/b of the penal code 2008, and another one year for violating section 57 of the national security act 2014.

His 15 years were broken down into 10, 3 and 2.

On January 1, 2020, Kerbino Wol was among 30 inmates released from prisons across the country by President Salva Kiir. Some of the freed inmates were juveniles.

Before his death, Wol told VOA’s South Sudan In Focus that his movement intended on ending the circle of violence that has ravaged South Sudan since independence.

“Where is peace? Peace is not for the elites. Peace only prevails in Juba while thousands are dying in the countryside,” Wol concluded.