An Army general identified as Gum yesterday stormed the high court premises and threatened the Registrar for Land over land-related issues.

The scuffle that started in the early hours of the morning lasted for more than three hours before the said General was arrested.

The Police spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin confirmed that there were problems at the high court but said it was later resolved and investigation was still ongoing.

“The problem was between the Gen. Gum and the Chief Registrar of Land in Juba and right now the General has been arrested, he is in the national security,” Daniel said.

According to the Registrar for Land Delfinu Abbas Alex, the army general entered his office with three other soldiers and threatened to shoot him.

“Three army officers including Gen. Gum came to his office and asked him where is Abbas, I replied that I am called Abbas Alex and immediately they removed their pistols out and put on my head, during the process one of my staff came in and he was stopped from entering and immediately he was told by one of the guards to leave the room and he was taken to the car,” he narrated,

“They took me while pointing their guns and they took me in their car that was parked in the court premises, and they locked the door,” Abbas said.

He said the said General left and came back after an hour with three judges and told the judges that everyone in Juba was complaining about him.

According to Abbas, he demanded that the judges questioned him over a claim that he said the Anyanya soldiers have no land in Juba.

Abbas said he was working according to the list of the registration.

Via JM