Single moms deserve true love. Just because it didn’t work does not mean there is room for making more mistakes. According to, single moms should be careful when dealing with different types of men.

Here are 5 types of South Sudanese men these women should avoid.

1. Sugar daddies

Sugar daddies will only use and dump you. They do not care about your kids. You deserve someone better. Find a man who has never been married before if you want to be happy.

2. Party animals

How do you start dating a man who is ever partying? You have bills to pay. Find a man who is serious about his life before dating.

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3. Issues man

You already have a problem. You cannot afford to add to your life another problem. A problematic man will make your life even hard. Stay away from men with issues.

4. Mama’s Boy

You have a child to take care of. You do not need another child in your life. A mama’s boy will be a burden to your life. A man of this types knows little about real life.

5. Text-only man

A man who only sends you text messages is not the right choice of partner. He might be sending messages only because he is broke. There are also chances he is married without your knowledge. Take your time and find someone better.