Dinka musicians are the makers of some of the best tunes in the nation, some of which have proceeded to be accepted across the country.

The beats and creativity in Dinka songs endear them to many.

Here are some of the best Dinka love songs.

Nanct & Madit Achamrap – Yin Nhiar

This song was done by Dinka rapper popularly known as Madit Achamrap featuring the pretty songstress, Nancy. The song produced in 2013, received massive airplay when it was released.

Amac Don – Te Nhier Yin

Sultan Amac Don has number of great hits to his name but this is one song in his dialect that has won the heart of many lovers.

Amac expresses how much he loves a unnamed lady in the song.


Garang Ateny – Nyanmaa

Nyanmaa was released in 1996 by “Love Doctor” Garang Ateny

In the song, Garang explains that he is willing to do anything for his love, including crossing over to USA to get her.

Alijoma – Malaika

This is one of the most recent love songs that seem to be giving old ones a run for their money.

In the song whose title is ‘Malaika’, Alijoma narrates about his ‘Malaika, and how she means the world to him.

He hails the woman as a beautiful girl who resembles “Heavenly light” that brightens his days.


Dinganyai – Anachie Nien

If you have never listened to Dingayai, then you know nothing about Dinka music. The song was a hit.

Dingayai is considered one of the forces behind Dinka Music. He has been in the industry for many years and he is still doing it. His music is in its own class.