The former regional governor of Upper Nile Province, Engineer Daniel Koat Mathews, died in Nairobi, Kenya, on Wednesday after a long illness.

Engineer Koat was a key mediator in the unification of SPLA-SPLM with Anyanya II in 1988.

The late served as Minister of Energy and Mining in the then regional government of Southern Sudan High Executive Council.

He also became representative of Maiwut Constituency that comprises Gajaak, Cie-Yoal and Gaguang communities.

“He, along with his comrades, fought in Anyanya I war until the signing of the Addis Ababa agreement in 1972 with those of Lagu. From there, he was first appointed as the Director General for Energy and Mining,” said Gatwech Rambang is a family member.

He describes the late DK as the senior politician who fought for rights of South Sudanese people.

DK, who was born in the early 1930’s in Nasir, joined SPLA in March 1987 and later commissioned a captain, where he served as SPLA logistics officer in the SPLA rebel-controlled Bor area.

Late John Garang appointed him as representative of SPLM in the Nordic countries during the liberation struggle.

via Eye Radio