Ambassador Gordan Buay is one prominent politician who is can do anything to troll on social media. In the past week, he has had a lock-on with Riek Machar’s wife over an alleged sex tape he intends to leak.

The ambassador alleges that a secret lover to Angelina Teny had sent him the sex tape which he wants to be exposed and this week he posted on social media a man standing beside Angelina as she was giving a speech in the USA.

The photo captioned, “The mother of terrorism with her Bodyguard (maybe secret boyfriend),” got people wondering if the alleged bodyguard doubles as a boyfriend.

The alleged bodyguard is the former chairman of the Red Army Foundation, Peter Gatdet Reath Thon.

For now, we can’t really know the authenticity of Buay’s claims until he releases the sex tape he alleges he has in less than a week.