AnaTaban’s first ‘Sout Al Salaam Awards’ [List of winners]

AnaTaban’s first ‘Sout Al Salaam Awards’ [List of winners]

Youth-run non-profit organization and movement AnaTaban, on Friday, 29th November held its inaugural Sout Al Salaam Awards at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba.

The award ceremony aimed at recognizing different artists of all arts form who have been positive influencers through their art and have played a huge role in peace building was the first of its kind in South Sudan.

The winners were chosen by a panel of judges and a public voting process. Fans were given an opportunity to vote for their best artists and songs in a voting that was hosted online via Hot in Juba’s website, an independent body for the purpose of transparency.

The public participation in voting process was aimed at giving fans a sense of ownership while participating in the awards.

The online votes constituted 40 percent of the whole voting process while the 60 percent came from the panel of judges who performed a thorough review of all the nominees before judging them. The judges included experts from different fields of professions, journalists and veteran musicians.

In line with the Promoting Peace and Reconciliation theme, this year’s event focused on how different nominees used their talent of art in promoting peace, unity and co-existence among South Sudanese people and youth in particular.

The event was graced by various celebrities and dignitaries from foreign missions and humanitarian agencies.

Among those who graced the performance stage are popular singer Mr. Lengs and famed comedian Wokil.

Veteran musician Emmanuel Kembe was awarded ‘Peace Warrior’ for his life-long efforts of preaching peace.

Sout Al Salaam Awards will be held annually.

So, who won in each category?

Best Overall Male Artist:

1. MC Lumeox (musician)
2. General Dee (poet)
3. L.U.A.L (musician)
4. Suleiman Morgan (visual artist) – WINNER
5. WJ the King (musician)

Best Overall Female Artist:

1. Tutu Baibe (musician)
2. Nyapal Lul (musician)
3. Nicole Mariam (Actress)
4. Beaty Toni (musician) – WINNER
5. Tula Minagano (poet)

Best Film:

1. Economic Crisis By Hakim
2. A Moment With Anthony Gaitano by Charles Lomodong – WINNER
3. Charity by Alex Joseph
4. All Of Us By William Joseph

Best Play:

1. Empty Boxes By (South Sudan Theatre Organization (SSTO) – WINNER
2. Narja Baled By Abanos

Best Peace Song:

1. Broken By Single Dee
2. Beautiful South Sudan By YMO – WINNER
3. Ana Fi Camp By Ugly Facile & Tonic Y4
4. Pieces Of Peace By Asif
5. Give Peace Another Day By Jungle Preacher

Best Poem:

1. My Mother Land By Flavia – WINNER
2. Bail Out By Ade
3. Salam By Lady Lin
4. Dr. John Garang By Madit Achamrap
5. Stop Punishing My Womb By Nyalony

Best Peace Cartoon / Painting:

1. Rolling Art By James Aguer WINNER
2. Shooting Shadow By Adija
3. No More Pain By Santina Moya
4. Planting Tree Of Peace By David Oniba
5. Friendship by Victora kiden

Best Peace Photography:

1. Bullen Chol – WINNER
2. K-Pesa
3. Sunday
4. Achuoth Deng
5. Samir Bol

Best Comedian:

1. Ak-Dans
2. Ziko – WINNER
3. Fly
4. Vip
5. Wokil

Best Dance Group:

1. SSD Dancers
2. Malee Dancers
3. Orpap Dancers
4. Future Dancers – WINNER
5. Wup Soul Dancers

Best Peace Fashion Project / Activity:

1. Cat Walk To Freedom
2. Black & Gold – WINNER
3. The Roots Project
4. Juba Fashion Week
5. South Sudan Fashion Week

Best Youth Initiative:

1. Nadafa Lee Beledna
2. Take Tea Together (TTT) – WINNER
3. I Am Peace
4. Defy Hate Now

People’s Choice Award:

1. Star Eagles (musician)
2. Tata (poet)
3. Navi Boy (musician) – WINNER
4. Mr. Lengs (musician)
5. Bullen Chol (journalist /photographer)

Founded in 2016, AnaTaban meaning “I am tired” is an artist collective non-profit initiative based in Juba. The group uses street theatre, graffiti, murals, sculpture and poetry to foster public discussion about the issues of social injustice and government accountability, and transparency.

Anataban members see solidarity, courage, integrity, inclusion, non-violence and political neutrality as the important values guiding their work. AnaTaban is opposed to war, corruption, injustice and discrimination.

AnaTaban conducts advocacy events throughout the year, some of the popular events by AnaTaban include the annual Hagana Festival, Waash Junub Campaign and #StopLootingSouthSudan protest.

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