There is a street saying in Juba that goes, “Junubin will run for shelter when it rains but will not run for cover when it rains bullets”, but on Saturday at Juba’s biggest open air club, Mask Bar and Bistro, Junubin defied heavy rains at Roberto’s concert. Zambian musician Roberto real names Robert Chindaba Banda fame for “Amarula” song was in town for two-weekend shows.

It started raining at the packed venue but the fans had to wait in the rain for the R&B singer to resumes what he does best: Singing.

“It rained heavily and fans waited for it to stop. Few left but most stayed.
Juba South Sudan. Thank YOU”, said the event organiser Bossman MG.

Bossmaan Sound System founded by sprinter Mangar Makur Chuot popularly known as DJ Bossman MG has organized series of concerts to promote South Sudan music industry over past few year.