Australia base South Sudanese singer,Amac Don has become a subject of ridicule on social media after his close friend uploaded an embrassing picture of the singer.

In the pic, Amac is seen spotting a funny new hair style which is common with the Mundari tribe.

Fans and friend were surprised and wondered how the singer ended with the hair style.

“Sultan Amac Don let me not find out you play with your good hair!what kinda goat bullsh*t is this, ” one fan lamented  on the photo.

A close friend to the singer, Arop Yaar alleges that Amac Don got the haircut while he was under influence and he regrets it and he will soon go for the famous ‘Abu Sala’ hair cut.

Amac Don is a successful South Sudanese artist who is popular among the South Sudanese community in Australia for his catchy songs.

Check out the new hair style. What is your opinion.