Award-winning musician, Alier John Magot Ghor popularly known as Alijoma and his entire family are mourning the passing on of their loved one.

Alijoma took to social to announce the passing away of his
mother .

“Sweet smile on your face as you sleep the pain away,
Resting in God’s arms now, although in the ground your body lay.
He needed another angel in the Heavenly choir and that’s why you had to go. As you promised, you are still with us watching your children here below,” Alijoma wrote on social media.

A host of musicians, TV and radio presenters have sent their condolences to Alijoma’s family.

“Sorry for the great loss bro Alijoma .. Take courage. Condolence to the family.,” mourned Guondo Sakit hit-maker Johnny Frog.

Thousands of the artist’s fans also took to social media to grieve with the family.

Alijoma is popular for his hit songs ‘Berke’, ‘Dong ke Lek’, ‘Yin Cha Leec Mama’ among many more.

Hot in Juba passes condolences to the singer.