South Sudanese top model Alek Wek might have no options left if what we are hearing from sources in Juba is turns out to be true.

Sources close to Alek’s family alleges that Alek Wek family has had enough of trying to get her make up her mind to wed.

“The family especially the mother and close uncles wants Alek to settle down because she is getting old and it’s not a good thing in Dinka Bor culture for a girl her age to be single….last year Alek secretly sneaked into Juba to meet the man the family proposed to marry her but she turned down the offer,” the source said.

Alek Wek who is 40-years-old has been under intense pressure to marry and start a family of her own from her immediate family for the past ten years but she has been reluctant to marry.

It’s alleged that some ‘Big Guy’ in the government is the man arranged by Alek’s family to wed her. She is supposed to come to Juba sometime this year to finalise the arrangement and hopefully get the “balled” and get pregnant for the first time.

Arranged marriage is a common practice in South Sudan mainly among the Dinka tribe.