Aggrey Jaden, to those who might not know him was an administrator and a politician in the old Sudan, he was born in 1924 and died in 1985, after his death his son founded the Aggrey Jaden Cultural Centre with the aim and vision of changing people’s and giving back to the community through art and music.

The Aggrey Jaden Cultural Centre for Art and Music is a community based non-profit cultural organization located in Hai Amarat. The centre has activities such as after school classes for children, where children age 5 years to 13 are taught art and craft, drawing and molding, formal education, music and tree planting to keep the neighborhood green and clean.

These children include orphans and street children and old people too. Speaking to Business Focus’s Urban Hype Magazine, Kenyi Lado from the Jaden Centre said that they have different activities in the centre.

He said they thought of the after school program so as to keep children out trouble or doing bad things after the come back from school or when they are on holidays. In music they have piano and African drum beating lessons for boys and girls which keep them busy till they go home in the evening.

“There is also a development and mentor program for artist and upcoming artist to write, practice and correct it amongst themselves before they go for officiating recording, some of these big names that have been to the centre andcurrently enjoying its fruits are the likes of singer Mer, Asif, Rasta Baraka & 6 Foot,” he said.

Rasta Baraka is an artist and a member at the centre, his work is to teach the young children drumming, keyboard, vocals and to make sure the sound system and everything goes well.

He said since he came to south Sudan from the diaspora and works with the centre. Everything has been running smooth from holding funding raising events to tree planting and urban agriculture to arts display, holding fund raising for community and inspiring the youth to discover their talent. Although there are difficulties and setbacks.

Kenyi Lado stressed his concern over lack of funds and money to run their daily activities, he said that after the 2013 crisis they do not have enough materials such as bead, hooks, paints (special kinds of imported paints) to make the crafts since they import them.

Before that! He says, they used to get their money to run the daily activities of the center through music performance, charity events that they are invited to perform and from well-wishers as well but since they lack these materials their activities are hindered. Lack of fuel to run the generator is also another problem.

There is live band and music performance, children coloring on Saturday (Saturday Jam) and Sundays and everyone is welcome.

via Business Focus Newspaper