By Matin Thon
South Sudanese are waiting for peace first to start developmental activities but they can never wait for peace to start sex, so start using condoms now for a healthy nation.
1. It prevents sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea(vaginal and penile pus discharges), syphillis(genital ulcers or wounds which are painless) and many more diseases.
 2. When you prevent above diseases, you also prevent their complications like infertility. Some of our women and men are not able to produce children because of those diseases.
3. It prevents unwanted pregnancies. The girl’s or boy’s education will not be spoiled and your relatives will not pay heads of cattle since there is sex without pregnancy.
4. When boy’s or girl’s education is not spoiled, it brings about educational and social developments since you will accomplish your life dreams without interference.
5. It prevents abortion and it’s complications since it prevents pregnancy. Abortion can cause death.
6. It also prevents adultery and it’s complications. Pregnancy is a result of unprotected sex, by having sex with someone’s man or woman with condom, it is unlikely that she will get pregnant and you as a man will not face consequences of adultery.
7. It preserves our women’s and girls’ dignity because any lady impregnated outside marriage is a disgrace to the society.
1. Condom use is for prostitutes.
My sister,this is wrong! It is to be used by those who are indulged in sex for no important reason. You and me know that according to our Dinka and Nuer Cultures sex is for producing kids which only happens in marriage, so when you accept sexual inter course outside it and refuse condom use,it’s a contradiction.
2. Condom remains inside the vagina or uterus.
It’s not always, the reason is that we fail to follow the instructions for it’s use. It never remains inside when properly used,besides,there are also female condoms for alternative.
3. Condom reduce the sweetness of sex.
My brother, are you a beehive? Well it’s
true but not for all condoms types, you can buy for example a condom of 500-1000ssp which you will enjoy sex than risk to go live where you end up paying millions of SSP among other complications.
4. Condoms cause allergies
Some foods cause allergy, and do we stop eating or we always look for alternatives? Not always do condoms cause allergies.
Have a blessed month of September!
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